Why is it important to appraise your quilts?

  • To provide a written record for your family
  • To establish a replacement value for insurance purposes before a loss such as fire, flood, damage, or disappearance occurs
  • To be assured that your quilt has adequate insurance coverage while at a textile competition or exhibit
  • To determine fair market value for sale of quilt
  • To determine value for donation, gift or estate purposes (as required by the IRS)

What are the different appraisal values?

Insurance/replacement value is what the appraiser found in the marketplace that would satisfy the loss of your quilt.  It does not reflect what you could get for that particular quilt if you sold it, but what you would pay to obtain a replacement in like and kind.

Fair market value is the price at which a quilt would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller with neither being under any pressure to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of the item.

Donation value is the same value as fair market value and is used to determine the value of charitable gifts.


I charge $50 per quilt appraisal.  You can have your quilt appraised at one of the locations I am scheduled to appear at or set up a separate time by contacting me.  Fees can be paid preferably using cash, credit, or debit card.

If you are having a quilt appraised, please complete the “Client Appraisal Sheet” for a 20+ years old quilt or a newly made quilt to ensure the best appraisal possible for your quilt.  (*For the “Client Appraisal Sheets”, complete them, print them, and bring it with your quilt to the appraisal appointment.  If you wish for me to have it prior to the appraisal appointment, complete the form, save it to your computer with a different name, and email me the form as an attachment.)

Also, take a look at what your appraisal will be like.

Do you have more questions about appraisals?  Click HERE.

Consider having an appraisal on a treasured quilt to understand how valuable it really is.

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