The Importance and Process of Appraising Your Quilt

  • Why should you have an appraisal?
  • How does an appraiser arrive at the value of your quilt?
  • Does a new quilt really appraise at a higher value than most antique quilts?
  • How does insurance fit into all this?

Learning About Your Quilts

  • Wondering about the time period your quilt was made?
  • Wondering what the pattern of your quilt is?
  • Wondering……..?

This trunk show is put on by attendees of your guild/club/…  Bring your quilts from home with the information you have on them and let me tell you about the quilts.  I also bring some of my own to fill in time periods that aren’t as common to everyone.  Learn a little more about your quilts.

Dolls and Doll Quilts

How can you talk about doll quilts without talking about dolls and the little girls that love them?  This presentation presents the life of little girls from the past to today, the history of dolls, and the quilts they wrapped their dolls in with love.

This PowerPoint and “Crib” Turning will leave you with a love of doll quilts and an appreciation of their significance.

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